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Platinum catalysed unreinforced natural translucent silicone hose with standard hardness 60 Shore suitable for fluids in pharmaceutical - medical fields.


GOMMA CORVETTO was founded in 1967. Thanks to the remarkable experience done both in the production and in the distribution field, our customers nowadays are important companies working in various branches, and especially in the chemical-pharmaceutical, food, precision mechanics and air conditioning industry.

The constant research, aiming at continuous improvements in the production techniques, allowed us to set up a product, among the others, suited for the utilization in the catering field. We produce sprinkle protection curtains to be installed on washing plants (in/out of tableware) that can be considered the best product of its type to be found on the market and made us a leader company in this field. Moreover, we are equipped for the production of a variety of seals for several types of product and for small and big series.

The constant development of our sales department permitted us to be in the market with technologically advanced product, such as the silicone hoses reinforced with polyester fibre or stainless steel wire, as well as standard technical items for the industry, such as rubber and pvc hoses, plates in the whole elastomeric materials range, rubber vibration-absorbing items and parts, moulded or shorn according to customised design.

Our technical department is always at disposal and glad to assist you with finding a solution to any problem you will refer us.

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